Not an expert. Just experienced.

Let me start by saying, I am not an expert when it comes to all of these topics.  I am still learning from the relationships and networks around me.  

What you are getting with me is someone who cares deeply and has spent a lot of time engaged and thinking about our practice.  

I don't have answers all the time, but I do know what questions need to be asked.  

My Story

Professional Life Coaching Professional

As someone with over twenty four years of experience in higher education, and someone who also has K-12 experience as well, I believe I have unique insights into leadership you won't get anywhere else.  

There are a lot of paradigms and philosophies around leadership; my goal is not to teach, but to facilitate the knowledge people already have to come out and deepen their leadership experiences and skills.

As the father of six children, our family also provides unique insights into leadership as the concepts learned in the professional realm transfer to parenthood.

Likewise, as someone who holds many privileged identities, I can share personal stories and journeys that help others engage in their cognitive dissonance towards growth and development.

If you are looking for someone to purely help you feel good about yourself, and you mostly live in confidence, I may not be the best coach or educator for you.  

I am grounded in Sanford's theory of learning; people need a balance of both being challenged and being supported on their journeys.  One of the key concepts (as my friend Allen Davenport would say) is that Sanford's theory is predicated on a readiness for growth.  If you aren't ready, that is ok, too.  

Feel free to reach out and ask questions.  I am always willing to offer a free consultation so you understand what you might benefit from me.


Get in Touch

My Family

What matters most to me? My family.  This is why I do what I do. In fact, this is why I want to come to your campus or consult with you.  By supporting me, you are supporting my family.  I want my children to have the opportunity to have an education, experience a world that challenges their comfort zones, and pushes us as a family to make the world a better place!

My Values:

Including Others in My Work

If you book me for a training, I ask you connect me with someone on your campus to help me prepare.  I also may have resources in your area who could also assist me.  I am not an expert.  But I believe working with others makes us better!

Giving Back

A portion of all my fees includes percentages that go to provide financial resources to pay for the free knowledge I've obtained.  we can negotiate where this portion goes, whether it's a foundation, a scholarship, etc.  I also use money to pay for the many great colleagues who have provided me knowledge in my career.

Feedback Processes

Again, I value feedback, ESPECIALLY critical feedback.  Telling me I did a good job isn't helpful to me (or others).  If there is something I shared you think I need to be aware of, or am missing, I would hope you share it.  If you help me in this way, I like to provide discounts so that we are mutually benefiting one another!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are unsatisfied with my training, I am willing to negotiate fees back to you.  That doesn't mean everybody who attends one of my training sessions will be HAPPY.  In fact, I would argue if everyone is happy, I likely wasn't effective.  If your goal is education, people will have opinions.  That's good.