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Welcome Back...

It's been a long while since I have posted a blog. #teamtyler has gone through some major transitions since a year ago. The biggest transition is our family has moved across the country from Santa Barbara, California to Oneonta, New York. I took a position as Director of Residential Community Life here, and needless to say it has been a fantastic year of building resilience and capacity.

The first reaction I often get is "WHY would you move from Santa Barbara to Oneonta?" The easiest answer I give is this; "We moved to build resilience as a family. Living on the beach is great, but financially we didn't have the means to sustain that lifestyle. In addition, we were getting a little soft as a family in handling tough situations and tough times, so moving to the Central New York region was a way to develop that capacity and resilience.

It has been a tough but great transition for the family and we are starting to really finally settle in. More to come - there is a lot to blog about. I haven't been quiet by any means - if you have been following my twitter account @3_Dleadership I average about 200 tweets per month. You'll start to see some of that collected on this page as I continue the deepening of the leadership journey! Stay tuned for more!

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