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Presentations, Panels and Trainings

24 years of experience.  A variety of topics.  Awards and recognition for educating professionals.  Find out the focus areas for a presentation or training that would benefit your campus

Areas of Expertise


Three Dimensional Leadership

Are you a leader but have not applied your skillset online?  Are you afraid of engaging as a leader in digital spaces?  Maybe you have great experience as a digital leader but want to develop skills in person to person interactions.  No matter your skillset, I can work with you to take the next steps in your leadership journey!  Put my experience as one of the founders of the Digital Leadership Network to use for your campus!

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Geek Culture and Higher Education

As a co-founder of geekEd. I've had the opportunity to engage the intersections of pop-culture, passion, and higher education.  Helping create Fresno State's first ever comic con, FresCon, I can help you to tap into students and resources many of our programs miss.

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Generation 911

Millennials? Gen Y? Gen Z?  Really, what we are experiencing is a generation of students who have grown up in a world post 9-11.  How has the impact to perceptions of security impacted parents and their children over the past 16 years?  Are you ready to handle these students (and their parents) coming to our campus?  You better be.  Real safety is one thing, PERCEPTIONS of safety are most crucial.

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White Privilege and Fragility

With 47 years of experience as a white, heterosexual cisgender man, I have learned a thing or two about privilege and fragility.  Let me share my experiences in navigating my privileges in creating systems that work towards the goal of making our organizational culture more equitable for colleagues with marginalized identities to navigate.  Let's talk about retaining diverse staff as opposed to just hiring diverse staff!

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Mentorship & Supervision

With 24 years of experience, let me train your staff to think about supervision and mentoring in new and exciting ways.

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Leadership Theory and Development

Having taught foundations of leadership theory for almost 12 years, let me share with you ways to engage in theory in real and practical ways.

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Parental Development

We talk all the time about student development.  But what if their development isn't solely impacted by what we do on campus?  What if we need to expand our thinking three dimensionally to consider the development of parents in the process of student learning?

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Assessing for Success: Beginning with the end in mind

With a rare degree in Mathematics, combined with a degree in Communications, let me explore with you and your staff ways to assess whether or not your resources are going where they need to be in order to achieve the results you desire.  Begin with the end, and you will get where you want to go!

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Looking Out to the Lake

Strategic Planning Training

Let me train your staff on how to engage in a strategic planning process so they can do it for themselves!

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